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Dalmatian Adoption Society & Rescue - Charity Number 1173806 - We aim to help, re home or rescue any Dalmatian who needs us.
Young, old, deaf, disabled....we don't discriminate against any dog and we are a UK based rescue. We will help any Dalmatian, including reactive/aggressive dogs, dogs that are due to be euthanised and will always do our best to turn them into happy contented dogs that can go on to lead a happy new life. If they are not re homed, then they will spend the rest of their days with us as our family...we do not have kennels.

Labradors In NeedWe are a dedicated team, with a love for the breed, from different areas of the UK working tirelessly to find the right home for Labradors that find themselves looking for a new family. This could be cases of neglect or, just a change in circumstance and through no fault of their own. We are a foster based rescue and rely on the kindness of volunteers all over the country.

Flicker & FizzHandmade Bath Bombs, Candles and Gift Sets.  10% of order donated to DAS.  Order direct mention DAS in note section on cart page

Glazbrook Snuffle Mats - Snuffle Mats and More - 20% donation to DAS - Please mention DAS when ordering

Paws 4 Paint - They will donate 20% of sales of lead hangers to DAS. when ordering please mention DAS